The Phytochemicals/plant extracts

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10-Hydroxy Camptothecinum 18--Clycynhetinic Acid
Acanthopanax Extract Aloe Extract
Andrographolide Artannin Extract
Astragalus Extract Baicalin
Berberine Hydrochloride Bergeninum
Bitter Meton Extract Breviscapinun
Camptothecine Carotenol
Cassia Mimosoides L.Extract Centlla Asiatica Extract
Chili Extract Chinese Angelica Root
Chlorophyll Citrus Aurantium Extract
Danshen Root Extract Epimedium Extract
Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Giant Knolweed Extract
Grape Seed Extract Green Tea Extract
Hawthom Berry Extract Hesperidin
Honeysuckle Flowder Extact Lentinus Edodes
Lycopene Matrine
Nicotiana Tabacum Extract Notoginseng Folium Saponins
Pine Bark Extract Propolis Extract
Puerariae Extract Quercetin
Red Clover Extract Resveratrol
Rhodiola Rosea L. Extract Rutin
Silybum Marianum Extract Soy Isoflavone
Soyasaponins Spirulina Extract
Weeping Forsythia Flower Extract White Willow Bark Extract
Wide Yam Extract  

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